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			## Organization Meetings

			These are the meetings that have been held for the organization. Currently less formal meetings are being held once every month usually on the first Sunday of the month (provided it is not a calendar holiday). In addition to these monthly meetings the organization is required to convene annually in a more official setting. All organization meetings are open to everyone who wishes to attend, however, any formal votes especially in the annual meeting are restricted to the members of the organization.
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				<strong>Previous years meetings:</strong> <a href="{{ make_url('/meetings/2015-2016/') }}">2015-2016</a> <a href="{{ make_url('/meetings/2017/') }}">2017</a>

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							<h4>DCNF Meetings - {{ 'now' | date('F Y') }} <small class="text-muted float-right">Times are shown in CET</small></h4>
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