Annual organization meeting protocol

January, 2017

Meeting occurred January 8th, 2017 19:00 CET.
Protocol document written by Crise and adjusted by Pretorian



    This document is intended to be accompanied by the full meeting minutes that should have been provided alongside the document itself. The aim of this document is to be as much of an objective summary of the contents of the meeting as possible.

    This document pertains to the organization's annual meeting for the year of 2017. The timestamps on the accompanying meeting minutes are normally accurate to the time zone of the meeting's assigned secretary.

    Distribution: dcnf (at), website, forums

    Members in attendance

    • Pretorian (supervisor)
    • Crise (secretary)
    • cologic

    The above list is based on a call for names at the start of the meeting and as such it may not be exhaustive.

    1. Opening of Meeting

    Pretorian opened the meeting as interim meeting supervisor and attending members announced their presence. All attending members accepted the by-laws.

    1.2 Choice of meeting supervisor and secretary

    Pretorian was elected as the meeting supervisor and Crise as the meeting secretary.

    1.3 Voting length

    Voting length was set to (2) minutes

    1.4 Choice of meeting vote counter and meeting protocol adjuster

    cologic was elected as the meeting vote counter and Pretorian as the protocol adjuster.

    1.5 Fair announcement

    All attending members agreed that the meeting was announced correctly.

    2. Meeting items

    Pretorian called for meeting item suggestions and the following items were brought up.

    1. Scheduling of recurring meetings and timetables
    2. Review of last year's items and the organization's management of them

    3. Board Information

    The organization's activities are deferred to the meeting item "Review of last year's items and the organization's management of them".

    Pretorian reported the accounting and economic state of the organization. The organization has received monetary donations and membership fees through PayPal and as of 2017-01-08 17:46 (CET) the account balance was 222.86 EUR (€).

    The only purchase made was the upkeep cost for the server used for the websites hosted by the organization and some of its other services. The purchase was for 299.85 EUR (€). The cost of the domain name of the organization is considered a donation, exact value was not stated during the meeting.

    Therefore the financial status of the organization is as follows:

    Item Amount EUR (€)
    Donations and member fees +522.71
    Server costs -299.85
    Taxes* 0.00

    *) The information received from the Swedish taxation service about outstanding items for submission for 2016.

    4. Auditors

    The board has internally audited purchases and incoming transactions and due to the low amount of outgoing purchases (one, 1), an external auditor has not been deemed necessary.

    5. Discharging the board

    The board was not discharged.

    6. Member fees

    The members decided that 10.00 EUR (€) per person per year shall be the member fee that all members will pay.

    7. Eventual plan

    The organization’s plan is deferred to the meeting item “Review of last year’s items and the organization’s management of them”.

    8. Election of Board and Stand-in board

    Pretorian, Crise, and cologic were nominated and elected to the board. poy and iceman50 were nominated and elected to the stand-in board.

    The absent memebers shall be contacted and their acceptance of the positions confirmed after the meeting.

    9. Treatment of motions and items

    The items mentioned in section 2 of this document are treated and discussed here.

    9.1 Scheduling of recurring meetings and timetables

    General consensus through open discussion was that the monthly meetings had fulfilled their purpose. It was agreed on to continue with monthly meetings and the first Sunday of every month at 19:00 CET was agreed as the timeslot with possibility to reschedule as needed.

    To more consistent need for announcing monthly meetings was brought up and there were no objections.

    There was no formal vote on either matter.

    9.2 Review of last year's items and the organization's management of them

    Because of the monthly meetings during 2016 it was decided, through open discussion, that covering only the outstanding items from the previous monthly meeting (2016-12-04) is all that was needed.

    Update donators list with dates
    This has been done, the list was also updated with recent submissions prior to the meeting. Discussion about the need to colour code, split, or collapse the list by year to manage it long term was discussed. There will be no follow up on this in the next monthly meeting.
    Migrate ASCIIDocs to Markdown
    The state of this is the same as in previous monthly meeting. The proposed method for migration is from ASCIIDoc to DocBook to Markdown. Final decision can only be made once the results of the initial automatic conversion can be seen on site. Potential alternatives to Markdown, if needed, are Textile and reStructuredText. This remains on the agenda for the next monthly meeting.
    Automatic certificate management
    This has been done, the cron job is set to run monthly, and there should be no outstanding issues.
    Update DCNF web pages for affiliated projects
    The infrastructure for this exists. Content migration is the only thing left to do. This remains on the agenda for the next monthly meeting.
    Review NMDC URI scheme
    After discussion it was decided that the scheme document is currently ready for (re)submission to the IETF mailing list, followed by submission to the actual queue if there are no outstanding comments from the mailing list submission.
    Propose inclusion of affiliated projects
    Crise suggested setting up an information resource about DC related projects taking over the role that is currently filled solely by Wikipedia and several older FAQ resources. This was proposed as an affiliate project to allow easier management of third party access to contribute content. This remains on the agenda for the next monthly meeting.

    10. Additional items

    There was no additional items discussed during this meeting.

    11. Items for the first monthly meeting of the year

    From this annual meeting the following items remain on the agenda for the first monthly meeting of 2017.

    1. Migrate ASCIIDocs to Markdown (Pretorian)
    2. Update DCNF web pages for affiliated projects (Pretorian, Crise)
    3. Propose inclusion of affiliated projects (poy)
    4. Setting up new affiliate project for information on DC projects (Crise)

    This list is not final and any additional items may be submitted to the organizations email address in advance of the next scheduled meeting.

    The next monthly meeting is scheduled for February 5th, 2017 19:00 CET. All future currently scheduled organization meetings can be seen here. Please refer to the website for any late changes in meeting schedule.

    The annual meeting for the next year will be scheduled at the monthly meeting of Decemeber this year.

    Appendix A: Board Meeting

    The board convened publically after the annual meeting concluded to decide upon individual responsibilities of elected board members. Pretorian was elected the Chairman and Treasurer of the organization and Crise as the Secretary.

    There were no further items discussed during the board meeting.