Meeting log: "Meeting Chat" @ Sunday 4th of September 2016

[2016-09-04 20:02] <Pretorian> Welcome to DCNF monthly meeting, it is 2016-09-04.
[2016-09-04 20:02] <Pretorian> For simplicity sake, I will be the chairman and Crise has agreed to act as secretary.
[2016-09-04 20:03] <Pretorian> What we do need is a head count, so just state your names. 
[2016-09-04 20:03] <Pretorian> Pretorian
[2016-09-04 20:03] <cologic> cologic
[2016-09-04 20:03] <Pretorian> Crise should be here?
[2016-09-04 20:03] <Pretorian> Oh, well, he'll announce when he's here.
[2016-09-04 20:04] <Pretorian> There's a few items from the last meeting:
[2016-09-04 20:04] <Pretorian> 1) Write HTTPS article. (cologic/klondike)
2) Finalize suggested-projects list/Code of Conduct (Pretorian)
3) E-mail to EFF/GNU about license for the website (Pretorian)
4) Finalize donators list (Pretorian)
5) Site documentation (Crise, everyone else feedback)
6) Move ADC/NMDC project websites (as affiliated projects) to DCNF (Pretorian)
[2016-09-04 20:04] <Pretorian> 1) Write HTTPS article.
[2016-09-04 20:04] <Pretorian> cologic?
[2016-09-04 20:04] <cologic> I'll get something done within the next couple of days.
[2016-09-04 20:04] <Crise> (here)
[2016-09-04 20:04] <Pretorian> Good.
[2016-09-04 20:05] <Pretorian> Let Crise know on progress/if there's anything you need.
[2016-09-04 20:05] <cologic> Will do.
[2016-09-04 20:06] <Pretorian> The important parts, I think, that Crise need is "how to properly add subdomains to the letsencrypt certs"
[2016-09-04 20:06] <cologic> Okay, I'll focus on making sure that's usable.
[2016-09-04 20:06] <Pretorian> Great.
[2016-09-04 20:06] <Pretorian> Let's move on.
[2016-09-04 20:07] <Pretorian> 2) Finalize suggested-projects list/Code of Conduct
[2016-09-04 20:07] <Pretorian> There is now <>
[2016-09-04 20:07] <Pretorian> Now that I've bothered to actually investigate how to upload/manage the site, I'll be making updates to this page.
[2016-09-04 20:07] <Pretorian> In particular links to the current affiliated projects, as well as more exhaustive descriptions of proposed projects.
[2016-09-04 20:08] <Crise> just to interject, if you want a page that has a menu at the top, look at pages such as contribute or meetings
[2016-09-04 20:08] <Pretorian> If people have additional propositions, I'm all ear... I picked the proposals that people had said previously with e.g. Internetfonden.
[2016-09-04 20:09] <Pretorian> Crise: Ah, yeah, that'd be great to have. Thanks for reminding me, I'll do that.
[2016-09-04 20:09] <cologic> Seems like a good list, basically -- nontrivial but not excessively ambitious.
[2016-09-04 20:09] <Pretorian> (the text is not spellchecked, mind you :P)
[2016-09-04 20:09] <Crise> noticed
[2016-09-04 20:10] <Pretorian> Unless people have further comments on that particular page, we'll continue.
[2016-09-04 20:10] <Pretorian> 3) E-mail to EFF/GNU about license for the website
[2016-09-04 20:10] <Pretorian> I haven't done this, sorry. 
[2016-09-04 20:11] <Pretorian> I can't say when it'll be done, someone need to ping me later this week.
[2016-09-04 20:11] <Pretorian> Just poke me until it's done.
[2016-09-04 20:11] <Pretorian> 4) Finalize donators list
[2016-09-04 20:12] <Pretorian> Initial list is done, two things need to be done 1) update list (someone donated this last week) and 2) upload to the Gitlab server.
[2016-09-04 20:12] <Pretorian> My plan is to do this later this evening.
[2016-09-04 20:12] <Pretorian> (i.e. after this meeting).
[2016-09-04 20:13] <Pretorian> The initial list also had first names and last names switched, due to different country conventions.
[2016-09-04 20:13] <Pretorian> 5) Site documentation
[2016-09-04 20:13] <Pretorian> This is available as <>, right?
[2016-09-04 20:13] <Crise> yes
[2016-09-04 20:14] <Pretorian> Something that should be added is "-" to use a list.
[2016-09-04 20:14] <Crise> also, for reference look at the bottom right corner of most pages and click source, you can view the twig template responsible for that page in your browser like that
[2016-09-04 20:14] <Crise> (phone)
[2016-09-04 20:15] <Pretorian> Ah, cool.
[2016-09-04 20:15] <Pretorian> Well, I think the page is great.
[2016-09-04 20:15] <Pretorian> I haven't read it all, mostly because it's so much info. :P
[2016-09-04 20:16] <Crise> example:
[2016-09-04 20:16] <Pretorian> The additional site information you've added is in <>
[2016-09-04 20:16] <Pretorian> Which I think is great as well.
[2016-09-04 20:17] <Pretorian> The forum's offline at the moment, are you upgrading it or something?
[2016-09-04 20:17] <Crise> also and ... ource=view
[2016-09-04 20:17] <Pretorian> It's been like that for a few hours. 
[2016-09-04 20:17] <cologic> Oh, I like that.
[2016-09-04 20:18] <cologic> The mix of fairly clean HTML tags and the generating format.
[2016-09-04 20:18] <Crise> re forums, the current version of phpbb does not support php7
[2016-09-04 20:19] <Pretorian> There's an RC at least < ... &t=2377556>
[2016-09-04 20:20] <Crise> yeah, I will update to that soon, was hoping they would have a second one out by now
[2016-09-04 20:21] <Pretorian> Fair enough.
[2016-09-04 20:21] <Pretorian> Let's move on.
[2016-09-04 20:21] <Pretorian> 6) Move ADC/NMDC project websites (as affiliated projects) to DCNF
[2016-09-04 20:22] <Pretorian> This is partially done with <> and <>
[2016-09-04 20:22] <Pretorian> Will move the web, or a comparable version, once the subdomain stuff is sorted out.
[2016-09-04 20:22] <Pretorian> Agreed to move the web page toward the same type of platform as is on.
[2016-09-04 20:23] <Crise> yeah the web stuff is going to need some work... as I said earlier I don't want to have to make all backend changes in triplicate going forward
[2016-09-04 20:23] <Pretorian> Potentially also discontinuing the use of ASCIIDoc, although I am not entirely convinced of it.
[2016-09-04 20:23] <Pretorian> Yeah, understandable.
[2016-09-04 20:24] <cologic> Does ASCIIDoc have any particular advantage over e.g., Twig? I guess Twig is tied more to PHP, etc.
[2016-09-04 20:24] <Crise> asciidoc is fine, the only problem with it is that it is a dependancy that we can't plug into the site the same way I did for eg. markdown
[2016-09-04 20:24] <cologic> Or Markdown or whatever is generating the site otherwise.
[2016-09-04 20:25] <Crise> as for Twig, it is a full templating engine that I extended a bit... part of the symfony framework (which we do not use) but it is ridiculously powerful
[2016-09-04 20:25] <Crise>
[2016-09-04 20:26] <Pretorian> I think the web page can get migrated first, then we might omit the use of ASCIIDoc.
[2016-09-04 20:26] <Pretorian> Since we'd need to change the actual spec documents.
[2016-09-04 20:26] <Crise> if twig and markdown have a clear advantage over asciidoc it would be that they can easily be processed on the fly as opposed to asciidoc
[2016-09-04 20:27] <Crise> the latter having to be pre-generated
[2016-09-04 20:27] <Pretorian> We'd have to also see that the Twig/Markdown can generate a similar structure of content.
[2016-09-04 20:27] <Pretorian> I'd prefer to not have to change the layout of the actual resulting HTML pages.
[2016-09-04 20:28] <Crise> if markdown is not enough, textile is one alternative that I can also easily add support for
[2016-09-04 20:28] <Crise> however, asciidoc doesn't have a parser that I can plug in with twig (it's python, right?)
[2016-09-04 20:28] <Pretorian> Python yeah.
[2016-09-04 20:29] <cologic> It does sound like better integration with the website is a strong reason to move from ASCIIDoc if feasible.
[2016-09-04 20:29] <Crise> markdown has the disadvantage of not being able to do tables, textile could do tables though afaik
[2016-09-04 20:31] <Pretorian> Tables are absolutely crucial.
[2016-09-04 20:31] <Crise> yeah, figured as much so then it would be textile, I don't think Parsedown supports the mardown syntax for tables, but I have not tested it
[2016-09-04 20:32] <Crise> as a matter of fact I will test if we can use tables with markdown right now
[2016-09-04 20:32] <Pretorian> Timeline proposal: 
1) HTTPS article
2) Set up of website in preparation for projects
3) Migrate webpages for ADC/NMDC projects
4) Make sure tables work in the new markdown/Twig scheme
5) Migrate the current ASCIIDoc pages to the new form
[2016-09-04 20:33] <cologic> Seems reasonable.
[2016-09-04 20:33] <Crise> re markdown and tables: so they sort of work
[2016-09-04 20:33] <Pretorian> It'd be nice with borders.
[2016-09-04 20:34] <cologic> THere's no step at which point if the rest of the steps fail or get delayed, it's necessary to to roll back that step.
[2016-09-04 20:34] <Pretorian> Right.
[2016-09-04 20:35] <Crise> re table layout, that is just CSS... easy
[2016-09-04 20:35] <Crise> I wasn't even sure parsedown was capable of table syntax, but looks like it is
[2016-09-04 20:36] <Pretorian> I suppose that table investigation is already on its way. :P
[2016-09-04 20:36] <Crise> but basically, I can in theory add support for any flavour of markup or formatting language if you want me to, as long as it has a native php parser
[2016-09-04 20:36] <Crise> if markdown falls short for whatever reason
[2016-09-04 20:37] <cologic> How different, syntaxwise, are these different markup languages?
[2016-09-04 20:37] <cologic> AsciiDoc, Markdown, Twig, ...
[2016-09-04 20:37] <Pretorian> You can see here; < ... k/NMDC.txt>
[2016-09-04 20:38] <Crise> textile and markdown have some similarities syntax wise... as for markdown and twig, those can't compare
[2016-09-04 20:38] <cologic> Pretorian: AsciiDoc, correct?
[2016-09-04 20:39] <Crise> yeah that is ascii doc
[2016-09-04 20:39] <Crise> for example, the markdown syntax for tables is:
[2016-09-04 20:40] <Pretorian> Not too different.
[2016-09-04 20:40] <Crise> if something like pandoc supports asciidoc syntax, we could try automatic conversion... that said I have no clue if it does
[2016-09-04 20:41] <Crise> to markdown or whatever we end up choosing, the markdown support is already there... adapting that to support and arbitrary parser class wouldn't be too hard
[2016-09-04 20:42] <Pretorian> So, Crise, you'll investigate support for tables/ASCIIDoc conversion.
[2016-09-04 20:42] <Crise> (keeping in mind the caveat I mentioned above, about said parser having to be php)
[2016-09-04 20:42] <Pretorian> Don't really need to address the details right now.
[2016-09-04 20:42] <Pretorian> Let's continue.
[2016-09-04 20:42] <Pretorian> All right, that's all items from the previous meeting.
[2016-09-04 20:42] <Pretorian> Does anyone have any additional items?
[2016-09-04 20:43] <Pretorian> 1-Pretorian: OVH server + domain
[2016-09-04 20:43] <Pretorian> Well, I'll address that directly then.
[2016-09-04 20:44] <Pretorian> The server is paid for, the domain is paid for, but I still have to pay for the Loopia service (got invoice today).
[2016-09-04 20:44] <Crise> 1-Crise, draft notice for privacy page
[2016-09-04 20:44] <cologic> I don't have any additional items, no.
[2016-09-04 20:45] <Pretorian> Ok, Crise?
[2016-09-04 20:45] <Crise> basically, look it over and tell me if I can remove the draft notice
[2016-09-04 20:45] <Pretorian> I think you can.
[2016-09-04 20:45] <Crise> ok
[2016-09-04 20:46] <Pretorian> Do we need a "Cookies" link in the bottom, similar to open source and privacy information?
[2016-09-04 20:46] <Pretorian> By the way, perhaps switch places with open source and privacy information since they are in a different order on the actual page.
[2016-09-04 20:47] <Crise> fair enough will do
[2016-09-04 20:47] <Crise> re cookies, we have a consent thingy when you visit the page for the first time that references the page
[2016-09-04 20:47] <Pretorian> Oh, right, true.
[2016-09-04 20:48] <Pretorian> That was cool, by the way.
[2016-09-04 20:48] <Pretorian> You built that yourself?
[2016-09-04 20:48] <Crise> heh, hurray for the important laws... yeah pretty much, it wasn't that hard
[2016-09-04 20:49] <Crise> anyways, as you get more comfortable with the site... if you have any questions or something is unclear don't hesitate to ask
[2016-09-04 20:49] <Pretorian> Yeah, will do.
[2016-09-04 20:49] <Pretorian> All right, let's move on.
[2016-09-04 20:49] <Pretorian> Any additional items?
[2016-09-04 20:50] <Crise> nope
[2016-09-04 20:50] <Pretorian> List of upcoming stuff:
1) Write HTTPS article. (cologic/klondike)
2) E-mail to EFF/GNU about license for the website (Pretorian)
3) Finalize donators list (Pretorian)
4) ASCIIDoc migration (away from) (Crise)
[2016-09-04 20:51] <Pretorian> Unless there's nothing more, let's conclude this meeting.
[2016-09-04 20:51] <Pretorian> If there's*
[2016-09-04 20:51] <cologic> I don't have anything more.
[2016-09-04 20:51] <Pretorian> All right, that concludes this meeting. Thank you all.