Monthly organization meeting protocol

August, 2016

Meeting occurred 2016-08-07 (19:00 CET), written by Crise



    This document is intended to be accompanied by the full meeting minutes that should have been provided alongside the document itself. The aim of this document is to be as much of an objective summary of the contents of the meeting as possible.

    This document pertains to one of the monthly scheduled meetings for 2016 as agreed upon by voting in annual organization meeting in January of the same year. The timestamps on the accompanying meeting minutes are normally accurate to the time zone of the meeting's assigned secretary.

    These meetings are more informal in nature and as such do not follow the same rigorous process as the annual meetings. For the sake of simplicity a chairman and secretary shall be named at the start of each meeting and for this month Pretorian acted as the chairman and Crise acted as the secretary for the meeting.

    Distribution: dcnf (at), website, forums

    Members in attendance

    • Pretorian / Fredrik Ullner (chairman)
    • Crise (secretary)
    • poy

    The above list is based on a call for names at the start of the meeting and as such it may not be exhaustive.

    List of items for the meeting

    A list of items to address from the previous meeting:

    • Update Gitlab repo via cron job (Crise)
    • Write HTTPS article. (cologic/klondike)
    • Suggested projects list/Code of Conduct (Pretorian)
    • E-mail to EFF/GNU about license for the website (Pretorian)
    • Donators list (Pretorian)
    • Donators automation (Crise/poy)
    • Site documentation (Crise)

    GitLab repository updating

    The cron job discussed in previous meetings as a temporary solution to issues with webhooks was set up by Crise during the meeting. Currently changes are being pulled every 15 minutes. Webhooks are setup such that if they do start working changes should be pulled upon push. has been made aware of the problem, however, so far it has been two months without change. The issue seems to be recurring issue affecting seemingly random projects, where the activity feed breaks and thus anything depending on it breaks as well. This does not directly affect the use of the repository, just the frequency and way in which changes must be deployed from GitLab to the site.

    Write HTTPS article

    Unfortunately no progress since last month and as such will remain as a recurring item for the next monthly meeting.

    Suggested projects list/Code of Conduct

    Pretorian provided the following draft for the affiliate projects document on the hub prior to the meetings start and asked for comments. Some discussion about technical setup in relation to the website took place, however, no concrete suggestions as to the contents of the drafts per se.

    E-mail to EFF/GNU about website license

    This has not been done yet, however, it was noted that nothing is technically being held up by this. Crise also reiterated a previous point about a possible change to parts of the licensing, as it is currently set up in the repository.

    The potential changes outlined by Crise were as follows. Put any files, ie. most Twig template files, that contain derivative work based on the original Bootstrap example directly under CC-BY 3.0 and treat these files wholly as program input. In which case the licensing and the required exception remains more simplistic.

    The key question is whether considering Twig templates wholly as program input is possible or not. Aditional concerns may be raised about the difference between the template file, the document structure and the page copy, that is non-placeholder content, included within. For example can a different license be attached to the text contained in page based on a design licensed under CC-BY or not.

    Donators list

    The list is done, waitting to be published. The appropriate place to publish it on the website was briefly discussed. Current proposed format for the list is either a pseudonym or first name and the first letter of last name and the amount donated. So for example something like "Fredrik U. - 5 €"

    Additionally a suggestion was made for creating separate page on the site for instructions on how to join or donate to the organization. This would have the advantage of allowing specifc instructions to be easily provided to everyone joining or donating, such as how to noftify the organization if one wishes to remain completely anonymous.

    Currently the donate button on the main page points directly to PayPal, and the join button to forums.

    Donators list automation

    This has not been looked into. It was pointed out that considering the current level of donations automating the maintenance of these lists would be overkill.

    However, this remains as an item to look into at some point, but as per discussion there is no need to keep checking on the status of this in following meetings. To put it simply, if someone where to build it the organization may make use of it.

    Site documentation

    Work on this was recently started and is ongoing. Request for feedback on the provided draft was made. Crise asked for feedback by the end of the following week, if possible.

    Additional items

    There were no additional items brought up during this meeting.

    Items for the next monthly meeting

    Before the meeting was closed the following items were set on the agenda for the next monthly meeting.

    1. Write HTTPS article. (cologic/klondike)
    2. Finalize suggested-projects list/Code of Conduct (Pretorian)
    3. E-mail to EFF/GNU about license for the website (Pretorian)
    4. Finalize donators list (Pretorian)
    5. Site documentation (Crise, everyone else feedback)
    6. Move ADC/NMDC project websites (as affiliated projects) to DCNF (Pretorian)

    This list is not final and any additional items may be submitted to the organizations email address in advance of the next scheduled meeting.

    The next monthly meeting is scheduled for September 4th, 2016 19:00 CET. All future currently scheduled organization meetings can be seen here. Please refer to the website for any late changes in meeting schedule.