Meeting log: "Meeting Chat" @ Sunday 7th of August 2016

[20:22:36] <Pretorian> Welcome to DCNF monthly meeting, it is 2016-08-07.
[20:22:40] <Pretorian> For simplicity sake, I will be the chairman and Crise has agreed to act as secretary.
[20:22:45] <Pretorian> What we do need is a head count, so just state your names. 
[20:22:47] <Pretorian> Pretorian
[20:22:51] <poy> poy
[20:22:52] <Crise> Crise
[20:22:54] <Pretorian> All right, good
[20:23:00] <Pretorian> There's a few items from the last meeting;
[20:23:06] <Pretorian> * Update Gitlab repo via cron job (Crise)
* Write HTTPS article. (cologic/klondike)
* Suggested-projects list/Code of Conduct (Pretorian)
* E-mail to EFF/GNU about license for the website (Pretorian)
* Donators list (Pretorian)
* Donators automation (Crise/poy)
* Site documentation (Crise)
[20:23:17] <Pretorian> Item 1) Update Gitlab repo
[20:23:20] <Pretorian> Crise?
[20:23:51] <Crise> can I have some context, the only thing as far as the repo goes is that the webhooks are still not working
[20:24:21] <Pretorian> Uhm, I think it was that there should be a cron job that try and grab the repo?
[20:24:33] <Pretorian> But maybe that's contingent to webhooks working?
[20:24:55] <Pretorian> Or I guess, maybe that's already set up as such?
[20:25:08] <Crise> oh cron job, yeah... I'll put it up right now I was sort of hoping they would fix webhooks but guess not... cron job is the nasty hack, webhooks is how it should be
[20:25:49] <poy> are they aware of the problem?
[20:26:01] <Crise> they work if I manually fire them from gitlab, but not triggered by pushes
[20:26:15] <Crise> I assume they are... but so far it has been too months
[20:26:19] <Crise> *two
[20:26:28] <Pretorian> Filed an official bug report?
[20:26:52] <Crise> I did, no response on mine yet... another related support issue got recently closed
[20:27:00] <Pretorian> :(
[20:27:25] <Crise> but it seems to be recurring issue affecting seemingly random projects, where the activity feed breaks and thus anything depending on it breaks as well
[20:28:05] <Pretorian> I presume it's also not a simple case of "have you tried turning it off and on again"...
[20:28:28] <Crise> oh no... I recreated the project at least a dozen times
[20:28:33] <Crise> under different names too
[20:28:38] <Pretorian> Strange.
[20:28:51] <Pretorian> Oh, well, guess we'll have to survive for now.
[20:28:57] <Pretorian> Let's move on...
[20:29:07] <Crise> and I even recreated the entire repo from scratch using serial patches and history rewriting... so I have done all I can
[20:29:07] <Pretorian> Item 2) HTTPS article
[20:29:21] <Crise> still waitting.... cologic?
[20:29:37] <Pretorian> I haven't heard anything from cologic since he last mentioned that he intend to write it... He had some personal stuff that got in the way.
[20:30:08] <Pretorian> But that was last month.
[20:30:14] <Pretorian> So i guess that's still on ice...
[20:30:19] <Pretorian> Let's move on...
[20:30:24] <Pretorian> Item 3) suggest projects.
[20:30:58] <Pretorian> As above, I intend to run it through a spell-check, update so there's the ADC/NMDC affiliated projects and finally upload to Gitlab.
[20:31:22] <Pretorian> Mentioned I would put it up in the forum, but alas I didn't...
[20:31:42] <Pretorian> Any additional ideas/comments to the list/text?
[20:32:20] <Crise> well once we get those document up we can talk about technical arrangements with the website etc.
[20:32:47] <Crise> so projects can put stuff there if they like
[20:32:57] <Pretorian> My idea is to put it in the same page as the contribute/ page is.
[20:33:19] <Pretorian> Ah, yes, and then we can talk about how it should be for the affiliated projects.
[20:33:34] <Crise> putting it under contribute is fine
[20:33:43] <poy> looking good, getting the ball rolling. :)
[20:34:12] <Crise> the current main issue with the desing is that the top level menu is not very versatile... we have room for at most one top level item... of course dropdowns are a thing
[20:34:21] <Crise> *design
[20:34:32] <Pretorian> I think a drop down is fine.
[20:35:14] <Pretorian> Also, will need to investigate how to move to the appropriate subsite...
[20:35:26] <Pretorian> (I don't really remember how to do such things..)
[20:36:10] <Crise> well that is contingent on cologics article because I don't want to touch the certificates before I can read that thing
[20:36:17] <Pretorian> Fair enough.
[20:36:55] <Pretorian> Then of course also the pages for the affiliated project should be fairly similar in my opinion... E.g., there's little that need to diff between, say, the ADC and NMDC projects.
[20:36:58] <Pretorian> (UI wise)
[20:37:32] <Pretorian> All right, let's move on.
[20:37:45] <Pretorian> * E-mail to EFF/GNU about license for the website
[20:37:48] <Crise> Well with the current system, the affiliate projects would be easily able to inherit the global style if they want it
[20:37:49] <Pretorian> Sorry, this hasn't been done.
[20:38:02] <Pretorian> Crise: ah, yeah, that was what I was hoping.
[20:38:48] <Pretorian> Re e-mail, I'm hesitant to say exactly when this will be done, I need to (re-)read the technical bits more.
[20:39:19] <Pretorian> I suppose nothing's being "held up" because of it, though.
[20:39:24] <Crise> no problem, like I said last time, I have though about making some changes to simplify it (basically put all files related to the twitter bootstrap example the design is based on under CC-BY, the only potential problem with that is that those files contain the page copy or content which we might not want under that)
[20:39:59] <Crise> *all files = references any files parsed by twig
[20:40:45] <Pretorian> Fair enough.
[20:40:51] <Crise> whereas PHP would remain under gpl v2... of course thing only works if Twig templates can indeed be considered "program input"
[20:41:46] <Pretorian> The issue for myself is that I don't know enough of the technical components to say one way or another.
[20:42:33] <Pretorian> Let's move on, shall we?
[20:42:41] <Crise> well if they can be considered program input then they wouldn't need to be under gpl compatible license at all... but if they can't we are in a situation where we need to consider exceptions
[20:42:41] <Pretorian> * Donators list
[20:43:12] <Pretorian> List is created, I just need to figure out an appropriate place to put it. I suggest under the contribute/ location (drowndown).
[20:43:36] <Pretorian> The idea is to have <firstname> <first character of lastname> and the amount.
[20:44:06] <poy> and a little country flag? :)
[20:44:17] <Pretorian> That'd work too, I guess, in the cases where it's available.
[20:44:33] <Crise> probably, I though about creating a separate page(s) for donations and joining the organization, just because we can now do that easily, which the buttons on the main page can then link to
[20:44:42] <Pretorian> Some of the firstname/last name names are reverted so it's not immediately obvious if it's a first name or last name.
[20:44:55] <Pretorian> But I'll henceforth assume hungarian or bulgarian == switch the names.
[20:45:12] <Pretorian> Ah, that's fine, as well, Crise.
[20:45:38] <Crise> separate page has the advantage of being able to add additional instructions that everyone will see... ie. about privacy concerns
[20:45:47] <Pretorian> Agreed
[20:47:17] <Crise> also, to be honest, I don't like the site linking to specific forum threads from so prominent place... the switch in style is too jarring :P
[20:47:25] <Pretorian> Hah, fair enough.
[20:47:41] <Pretorian> I guess the next point "* Donators automation (Crise/poy)" is also related? :)
[20:48:11] <Pretorian> Anyone thought of it some more or should we simply put it on ice? I think the rate of which donations come is too low to justify an automated system.
[20:48:12] <poy> haven't looked into it yet, sorry.
[20:48:19] <Crise> Yes it is, I haven't had a chance to look into the paypal api's as of yet either
[20:48:29] <Pretorian> But I guess we're all developers that are itching to build stuff...
[20:48:47] <poy> it's an interesting enough technical challenge to justify an automated system. :P
[20:49:01] <Crise> yeah... I will think of it as a learning experience
[20:49:14] <Pretorian> Heh, case in point. :P
[20:50:01] <Pretorian> Let's keep it at "if someone builds it, we may use it" but I don't think it's necessary to poke you guys about it.
[20:50:17] <Pretorian> Let's move on...
[20:50:19] <Pretorian> * Site documentation (Crise)
[20:50:27] <Pretorian> That's being worked on, per today.
[20:50:36] <Crise> rough draft was linked here earlier
[20:50:41] <Pretorian> right.
[20:50:56] <Crise> I will find the link, in the meantime suggestions are welcome
[20:50:59] <Pretorian> " happy reading :) and sorry for the cruddy formatting... need to work on that a little more as well as well as give it a second pass, if you have any questions after reading that I would like to know so I can ammend it "
[20:51:24] <Crise> I tried to avoid tutorialization since we are all smart individuals here :P (thanks Pretorian)
[20:51:25] <Pretorian> I've yet to read it, honestly.
[20:51:37] <Pretorian> Meh. :P
[20:51:59] <Pretorian> So it's a work in progress still, but good to have a draft.
[20:52:10] <Pretorian> People can read it after the meeting etc.
[20:52:32] <Pretorian> If there's no more comment to that, we'll move on I guess.
[20:52:38] <Crise> yeah, the formatting is rough and it mostly focuses on the structure of the repository and some specific functionality
[20:52:52] <Crise> rather than being a comprehensive guide to Twig f.ex.
[20:53:03] <poy> it's great... I would only suggest some info about how to maintain / update stuff should you not be available.
[20:53:17] <Pretorian> (sorry if I'm too speedy, I know people are pressed for time and it's easy to get stuck on an item and discussing it endlessly. Just let me know if we should go back etc)
[20:53:28] <Pretorian>  +1 poy
[20:53:41] <Crise> either way, we can move on... I would be very happy for some concrete feedback by the end of the week
[20:53:55] <Crise> if there is any
[20:54:08] <poy> it's a good description so one can infer that, but still which project to follow, which bits of code to take from it when they release an update - things like that.
[20:54:42] <Pretorian> Crise: Noted.
[20:55:32] <Pretorian> All right, that's all items from the previous meeting.
[20:55:38] <Pretorian> Does anyone have any additional items?
[20:56:15] <poy> all good here.
[20:56:24] <Pretorian> I've got nothing.
[20:57:03] <Pretorian> If there's nothing else, here's the list as usual.
[20:57:05] <Pretorian> List of upcoming stuff:
1) Write HTTPS article. (cologic/klondike)
2) Finalize suggested-projects list/Code of Conduct (Pretorian)
3) E-mail to EFF/GNU about license for the website (Pretorian)
4) Finalize donators list (Pretorian)
5) Site documentation (Crise, everyone else feedback)
[20:57:17] <Crise> all good... putting the cron job ative right now... once every 15 minutes
[20:57:41] <Pretorian> uhm, i guess,
6) Move ADC/NMDC projects to DCNF
[20:57:47] <Pretorian> (on me)
[20:58:01] <Crise> if you want access to the git repo, then request access... pretorian figured out how to do it at least :P
[20:58:11] <Crise> (on gitlab)
[20:58:25] <Pretorian> Couldn't figure out how to actually approve that access. :P
[20:58:38] <Crise> I approved you
[20:58:49] <Pretorian> Yeah, *I* couldn't figure it out. :P
[20:58:58] <Pretorian> Unless only you can do it?
[20:59:04] <Crise> the dcbase server account should also be able to approve but I am not sure
[20:59:08] <Pretorian> I logged in into the dcnf account you gave?
[20:59:34] <Crise> if you can approve with that account, then it is done through the memberlist
[20:59:43] <Pretorian> Dunno
[20:59:48] <Pretorian> Oh, well.
[20:59:49] <Pretorian> List of upcoming stuff:
1) Write HTTPS article. (cologic/klondike)
2) Finalize suggested-projects list/Code of Conduct (Pretorian)
3) E-mail to EFF/GNU about license for the website (Pretorian)
4) Finalize donators list (Pretorian)
5) Site documentation (Crise, everyone else feedback)
6) Move ADC/NMDC project websites (as affiliated projects) to DCNF (Pretorian)
[20:59:55] <Pretorian> All right, that concludes this meeting. Thank you all.
[20:59:56] <Pretorian> <end>